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Our FIRST CONGREGATION 7/22 Thursday in Vegas!

Energy dances to create the great drama that is life/reality. Through our holy acts we come closer to the Goddess of Wrestling. Chaos and order, heel and face - all have a place within the wheel of life she has provided.

Hosted by Sarah the Rebel !

Princex of Pride Championship: Da Shade defends v Sandra Moone

Da Shade and Sandra Moone are well known as rays of light and beacons of hope. Both inspire by performing tough and smiling easily. It is this air of pleasantness and positivity that we hope to spread by bringing you this contest of caring combatants.


When speaking of Sandra Moone, it only feels natural to mention her partners in pluckiness, S4TB! Lazarus, Adriel Noctis and Jody Himself join Sandra Moone in the same way stars join in a constellation. Alone they burn bright, together they light up the sky. All four will be in attendance at our first blessed event.

Tommy Purr v Nurse Ratchet

Two individuals who walk their own path, it is this wandering curiosity that makes them the perfect opponents. Tommy Purr carries himself like a force of nature, but there is nothing natural about Nurse Ratchet. The wind itself blows softer so as not catch the attention of the undead medical professional.

Viva Van v Steven Tresario

Two performers that embody the spirit of competition. Both pure in skill, fiery in temperament. Have any two competitors ever wanted victory more than these do every match? It is this burning spirit that brings them together in the warm embrace of the Goddess.

DARK Sheik v The SuperBeast

The High Priestess of our Church of Wrestling is DARK Sheik, and she has a vision. Standing in the way of that vision is the towering visage of The SuperBeast. DARK Sheik believes that by toppling The SuperBeast in his own Training Compound that she can bring the masses to embrace her message. The SuperBeast believes in nothing but pain and gain.

MacDaddy MYLO v Queen Estrella

Queen Estrella rules all that she surveys, tearing a path through bodies and dreams regularly in Las Vegas and beyond. The Goddess smiles upon this. Destruction is a form of creation, and Estrella creates with elegance. MYLO, however, is no subject of the Queen. The MacDaddy represents joyous rebellion against the order of nobility.

Should the Goddess smile upon us, a 7th encounter within the squared circle may be added to our ceremonies.

21 and up, leaveyourpleasantchildrenathome.

doors 7:30, new beginnings at 8pm

The SuperBeast Training Compound

714 S 1st Street

Las Vegas, NV 89104

beer sold on site, smokable spirits encourage

@hoodslam, @wrevolutionnow , @darksheikftf

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Please tell me you will be streaming this for those of us who are far from SW usa. I do although understand that is asking a lot as production for a stream is no easy task. Best of luck to all. Gonna be an awesome show! Just look at that line up!

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