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Worship at Church of Wrestling

Building a Sacred Community


How we Pray

Church of Wrestling wants to start a long, proud history of serving the community of those who appreciate the gifts given from wrestling - on both sides of the curtain. We strive to lead all who worship with us towards a deeper love for Wrestling. The intention is not to change an industry, but to create an internal revolution within all of us who participate that will unlock the ability to fully embrace wrestling's love.

We have lofty goals. Not only do we want to spread our message to every soul, but we also want to provide. We want to deliver to you events featuring our members. We hope that we can be a place for people to turn to in times of need, or even in the creative times. We wish to have a focus on funding the projects of our congregation so that we can further the holy art to its fullest potential.



We're looking forward to hosting Zoom meetings led by our founding members soon, where we can share our joy of wrestling together and hear your stories as well.


When the time comes when we can safely be together, we'll provide the info on where our chapters have public meetings that you're welcome to attend!

We would love to be involved, but we believe that you can find this joy and peace without us - it's already within you. To us, all rings are holy. Any studio or wrestling school - ANYWHERE that houses a ring - is a church waiting. The only thing needed to activate it is your own intention.

Professing our Love to the Goddess of Wrestling

Our Church is not just about what appears nice and right. Babyface and heel, technical spectacles of hardcore artistic expression - all of it has a place here. Unlike other concepts of heaven and hell, or angels and devils we see a bigger picture. All of it is part of the same glorious whole. The wheel of life has no up or down, and every spoke is essential to keep on spinning.

Image by Nick Fewings
Image by Steve Halama

Individual Prayer

We appreciate that you may be a loner. We understand you and want you to have all the space you like. But we don't turn our back on you. Wrestling's light still shines, and if you want to show her your appreciation alone then we support you. Your love for wrestling doesn't have to be demonstrated to a group. It is unique and can be shown however you see fit to whoever you want to see it. We'll never knock on your door.

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