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The minor goals

The major goal, already completed

Make an Impact

For some, wrestling is still a dirty word. They misguidedly try to downplay wrestlings importance to their lives so as to placate others. This can sadly fester, which creates an internalized self loathing within them for enjoying the very thing they love. Even those who've enjoyed the rewards of wrestling sometimes use the platform gifted to them to attack others within the same community.

We wish to eradicate this toxicity.

We don't accept wrestling as a dirty word. Creating the Church of Wrestling is in direct defiance of this unnecessary burden of negativity. It's a gift back to something that has given us so much.

We've done the paperwork, paid the fees. It's registered with the government, and the idea can never be put back.

Forevermore, wrestling is more than a sport, not just an art. It's a holy experience. It's our religion.

- To provide digital content

- To do live events post pandemic

- To produce a newsletter that gives the proceeds back to contributing photographers, writers and artisits in the wrestling community.

- To take the accumulated resources from shows and donations and create a fund for people in our community who find themselves in time of need

- To use these funds not in just in times of hurt, but also in times of creativity: we hope to help bankroll the artistic projects of members of our community that give love and appreciation back to wrestling


photo from GCW The Collective


Writing by the Water
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